Video Creation

Unique Video Content Creation

Our video service is designed to enhance a website’s SEO value by adding unique and Google friendly video to their website.

For video creation, we write down the dialogue, turn on the microphone, record the spoken dialogue, and then export the audio file. After that, we research for topic appropriate images. We either use stock images, or use images provided by the client.

After that, then the images are set over the audio. Each image is then styled with a different graphic/animation that includes words from the dialogue, as well as keywords and a link back to the client’s website.

Pricing – $50 For Every 30 seconds

Once the video is created, it is uploaded to the client’s YouTube channel.

Typically, videos have at least 4 images and are at least 30 seconds in length.

We are experimenting with a different video creation method involving less stock images and more uniquely created images/animation.

Pricing – $50 For Every 30 seconds