SEO Packages

Special Search Engine Optimization Packages

Why pick expensive search engine optimization packages over single article marketing services?

Content Writing King provides many content creation services for those looking to give their websites a search engine boost. Why do we offer both packages and some services by themselves?

No two websites are the same, nor do they have the same needs. Sometimes, a company doesn’t need more than a standalone service. They might not need more than some blog posts or some article marketing. However, this usually means that they are already engaged in every other activity necessary for their website.

While we certainly won’t stop you from ordering any standalone service, we highly encourage most potential customers to go for an SEO package. This is because our packages include more than one service, which covers much more of your bases when it comes to improving your website, thus search engine rank.

With our SEO packages, you more bang for your buck. This is because our packages include a few different services including blog posts, articles, and press releases. Buying these services this way not only ensure that you are buying them cheaper per service, but you are also going to get more search engine value at once.

Let’s recap what you get with Content Writing King SEO Packages:

  1. Blog posts & article marketing articles. You get the same product you would get if you were to purchase either separately.
  2. Bulk rates. Our SEO packages are priced in bulk rates. You get more SEO value per dollar spent.
  3. Overall increased SEO value. Because different services are being utilized at the same time, your website will become more authoritative.

Disclaimer: For our video services, we require images that you have the legal rights to.


  1. $1,200 for 10 blog posts, 10 articles, 10 Press Releases
  2. $2,400 for 20 blog posts, 20 aritcles, 20 Press Releases
  3. $3,600 for 30 blog posts, 30 articles, 30 Press Releases
  4. $7,200 for 60 blog posts, 60 articles, 60 Press Releases