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Why are press releases necessary for your online business?

Bridging the gap between what you have to say and those who are listening can be tough in the online world. There’s so much going on that trying to be head is like shouting through cupped hands while everybody else has a megaphone. You can yell as loud as you want, but your competition may have a louder, more familiar voice.

Pricing – $50 For Every 300 Words

Press releases are a means to bypass the shouting match to hand your message directly to people who actually care about what you might have to say. Not only will people start to pay attention, but also they’ll know to listen for your voice when the inevitable shouting match ensues. This is because press releases also help your website gain more visibility in the search engines.

With Content Writing King, you can get a huge boost to traffic and search engine ranking when you sign up with us to write your press releases. Our experienced writers know how to write press releases in such a way as to maximize their potential.

 Our press releases are:

  1. Written by professional press release writers. Our writers have written so many press releases that they know exactly what press release distribution services require.
  2. Search engine maximized. The writing in our press releases obey search engine rules while offering the most benefits to search engine rank.
  3. Customer-centric. Not only do we strive to make our press releases function well; we also try to give timely news to those who are interested in it. We show readers why they should care about what you have to say and what’s going on with your website.

When you sign up for our press releases, we will go through an interview process to discover what’s going on with your website/business so that we can deliver real news to your readership.

To write your press releases, we use the best keywords based on your niche. We then craft the news pieces in such a way that they appeal to those looking for that type of news.

Once the press releases are written, we turn them over to you to use as you see fit. We have seen the quality content we have written for our clients (who use whatever service they want) picked up by by many different news outlets, like Yahoo news, because they took interest in the pieces we wrote for them.

Based on all of that, you can expect to see your press releases send much more qualified traffic to your website, as well as boost your search engine rankings.

Pricing – $50 For Every 300 Words