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Niche-Specific Blog Post Writing

Why Buy Our Blog Posts

Writing fresh blog posts for your company’s blog can be tedious and tiresome, especially when you need to spend your time running your business. Writing blog posts is absolutely necessary if you want to have an effective online presence, however.

The only way for you to have best of both worlds is to hire us to write your blog posts for you. The solution may seem expensive, but it’s the best way to dominate your niche while being efficient with your time. The time you save is always worth more than the money you spend on the content.

What it comes down to you can’t afford for us not to to create fresh, quality content for:

  •  Better search engine ranking
  • Niche authority
  • Website traffic and conversion

Pricing – $35 For Every 300 Words

What You’ll Get When Your Order Blog Posts With Us

One of the most important things to consider is that we are not necessarily experts in your field. You know your business best. When you sign up with us to write your blog posts, we will have an interview session with you to find out what we can about your company, as well as determine the best course of action for your new blog posts.

During this time we will also work with you to determine the other specifics of the blog post writing project. This includes time frame for delivery, method of delivery, and any other service you have requested from us to aid you in your project.

Once an agreement has been reached, our writers will research what they can on your niche before getting started. All blog posts are written from the perspective of your company.

After that, we will create Google document to upload the posts to for everyone to see. We also urge our customers to give us access to their blog so that we can publish the blog posts, but the Google document is sometimes good enough if you don’t want us to have access.

All payments are up front before any writing is done.

Pricing – $35 For Every 300 Words