About Content Writing King

Content Writing King is an online business that provides content creation services to help customers with their search engine optimization campaigns.  We offer a wide variety of white hat services that include article writing and syndication, blog post writing, website copywriting, video creation, and we have search engine optimization services.  Most of our services are based on our team’s ability to create well-written content.




How do we do it?

Here’s how we do it: We first make sure that the structure of the website is up to Google’s onsite optimization rules, and we make sure that the customer has a Facebook, Twitter, and Google +1 account, and has their widgets on their sites.  Second, we create a strategic Content Creation plan around Google’s search engine optimization (SEO) rules on new and unique content.  We do this by creating new unique quality content to all pages on the site that need to be fixed..  We then create a blog, with daily blog posts.  We also create videos for all applicable pages and blog posts.  Third, after the site has high quality new and unique content on the site, we then start a article marketing campaign and press release campaign, to generate buzz about the website and bring in new possible clients.  We also use author attribution to syndicate all articles, press releases, and youtube.com videos to many related sites as possible.

Why choose Content Writing King?

Unlike most other SEO companies who try and manipulate Google’s Algorithms our services follow all of Google’s terms of service.  Unlike most other SEO companies Content Writing King services aren’t going to get your site banned or hurt in the search engine rankings.  You won’t have to worry about being banned or hurt with Google algorithm changes.

Start dominating your competition today. Contact US and request a proposal so can be the first in your industry/niche to tenaciously dominate!